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Green Roofing

Over a decade ago, Green Roofs made a spectacular entrance into the roofing marketplace. The problem was that no one knew much about "who, what, where and how". That has all changed today. Green roofs represent a potential solution to many of the problems created by urban development. These problems include loss of green space, increased storm water runoff and the Urban Heat Island Effect - all having a negative impact on our environment and energy usage.

Specifically Designed
Each Green Roof is specifically designed to be water tight. There are a number of components that can be designed and installed during the construction phase of the project. Because it is always a "design build" consideration, and not just a roof, many professionals such as Architects and Engineers are normally involved from conception to completion.

Environmentally Safe and Friendly
Green roofs are aesthetically pleasing as they restore green space through park like gardens that people can enjoy on the roof or from surrounding buildings.

Reduce Heat Island Effect

Replacing dark surfaced roof systems with a Green Roof will reduce the temperature of the air above the roof system which eliminates hot spots in urban environments.
Reduce Storm Water
Rainwater can be filtered, recycled or stored as part of the design consideration for these roof systems.

A green roof can be installed in manufactured tray systems that are placed on an existing roof, or they can be installed and planted on a newly designed and installed roof surface.

Long Term Warranties
Long term System warranties are available for these roof types. 

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