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Roof Restoration / Coatings

If you have a roof in need of restoring and not replacing,
this can be accomplished in many different ways.
Roof restoration is not considered a re-roof in most instances.

Metal Roofs
Power wash the existing metal roof, seal all the screw heads, projections and both vertical and horizontal seams, prime as necessary and apply two coats of elastomeric coating.

Smooth Asphalt or Modified Bitumen Systems
Power wash the surface of the roof. Seal all roof projections and flashings. Strip any loose laps or seams. Apply two coats of elastomeric coating over the prepared substrate.

Polyurethane Foam Roofs
Power wash the existing coating system. Repair any polyurethane foam damage or degradation. Apply two coats of compatible elastomeric coating.

Long Term Warranties
Five and ten year warranties are available from the manufacturer on most roof restoration projects.

Tax Incentive
Restoration systems can be expensed as repair or maintenance and not capitalized as a re-roof.

Cost Effective
Roof restoration is the simplest and most cost effective way to stop the leaks in your roof.

Fully Adhered
Fluid applied coatings over properly prepared substrates are fully adhered to the substrate. They become a "sacrificial barrier" to the existing roof system, protecting it from further deterioration
Certified Applicators
NTEC Systems is certified to apply products by:
Energy Efficient
 Using a reflective coating system will reduce the surface temperature of the roof, thus reducing the internal temperatures of the building.

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