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Single Ply Membrane Systems

In the market since the early 1980's, this system has been modified
and improved to remove itself from the commodity marketplace.
We have found the fully adhered membrane to be the best choice to suit our clientís needs.

Fully Adhered
Attachment to any number of substrates, this system can be fully adhered with water based adhesives or with spray applied low rise polyurethane adhesive.

Cost Effective
The cost of this system can vary depending on insulation requirements. IF "R" value is not a consideration, these membrane systems are very cost effective.

Chemical Resistant
These membranes are resistant to most airborne chemicals in an industrial environment.

Energy Efficient
White membranes can be purchased directly from the manufacture or coated white in the field. A white membrane is highly reflective, thus reducing the surface temperature of the system, resulting in a cooler interior environment.

The fully adhered membrane requires no ballast to hold it in place and no fasteners to penetrate the substrate. It is considered a to be a very lightweight system.

Impact Resistance
Heavy hail storms will damage most conventional roof systems. Single ply membranes are highly resistant to hail and impact damage from airborne debris.

Certified Applicators
NTEC Systems
is certified to install the following Single Ply Roofing Systems:

ER Systems

Mule Hide





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