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Spray Applied Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roofing systems

This roofing system has found overall acceptance as the most energy efficient
of any in the market place today. It consists of a SEAMLESS blanket of
polyurethane foam insulation protected by two layers of an elastomeric coating system.  

Simple To Maintain
Damaged areas are easy to locate because water cannot move laterally through the closed cell structure of the polyurethane foam. A tube of construction sealant applied to the damaged area will solve most common problems.

Proven Performance
Installed by licensed applicators for over 35 years, and documented proven performance by The Del E. Webb School of Construction, Arizona State University, this system is installed in all 50 states and around the world.

The monolithic polyurethane foam eliminates
fishmouths and seam failures. Because it is
seamless, there are no gaps between the
insulation to allow energy to escape through the roof.

One and one half inches of spray applied polyurethane foam will add an "R" value to your existing structure of "R" = 10. This can reduce your heating and cooling costs, the end result being ENERGY SAVINGS.

Easy To Apply
In most cases, this system can be applied directly over the existing roof, thus eliminating costly roof removal, operational shutdowns and interior exposure to the weather.

Weighing less than one pound per square foot,
can reduce the net load on a gravel surfaced
built up roof, or any ballasted single ply membrane.


A simple recoat will bring the system back to its original specifications. Sustainable manufactures warranties are available for most systems.
Long Term Solutions
Ten, Fifteen and Twenty year NO LEAK warranties are available from most of our system manufacturers

Certified Applicators
NTEC Systems is certified to install the following Spray Foam Roofing Systems:

Bay Systems (General Electric)

ER Systems

Roof Tek

BASF- Foam Enterprises

R. M. Lucas Co.

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